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Root Canals

Restorative dentistry at Four Points Dental, Austin, TX

Root Canals at Four Points Dental in Austin, TX

Your tooth has a lot of moving parts that work together to protect your oral health. Underneath your enamel, you will find your nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. If something is wrong with this material, we may recommend a root canal.

At Four Points Dental, we provide root canals in Austin, TX. How do you know if you need one?

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal becomes necessary if the pulp or tissue underneath your enamel is infected or inflamed. We will perform a root canal because we want to save the tooth. If we don’t perform a root canal in time, we may need to take the tooth out entirely.

A few reasons we may recommend a root canal in Austin, Texas include:

  • There might be a cavity that was left untreated, and it has gotten worse to the point that a feeling will no longer work.
  • There might be a severe chip or crack in your tooth that we cannot repair using another method.
  • There could be a severe infection underneath the surface that you might not notice.

If we believe that you need a root canal, we will let you know ahead of time. Some of the signs that you might require a root canal include extreme sensitivity to hot and cold materials, discolored gums, and pain in the tooth that does not go away.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

When we perform a root canal, there are several steps we use. We want to maximize your chances of success, so some of the steps we follow include:

  • First, we will use local anesthesia to ensure you cannot feel anything.
  • Once we have confirmed that the tooth is numb, we will make a small opening in the top of the tooth. We will assess the infected pulp, and we will remove anything that is damaged or infected.
  • After we have removed all of the damaged or decayed material, we will coat the area using a topical antibiotic. This will prevent an infection from developing in the future.
  • Finally, we will use a small, temporary filling to protect the tooth. We do not want your saliva to damage our hard work.

We will do everything we can to keep you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. We may recommend a special diet for a few days, and we will ask you to come back to the office for a follow-up visit.

Trust Four Points Dental for Root Canals in Austin, TX

You might have questions if you need a root canal, and we have answers. At Four Points Dental, we provide comprehensive dental treatment to everyone in Austin, Texas. We are always available to help you, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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