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Oral Cancer Screening

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Get Your Oral Cancer Screening at Four Points Dental in Austin, TX

What do you envision when you think about the dentist? You probably think about regular cleanings, dental fillings, and even the occasional root canal. Working with a dentist is a critical part of your overall health, not just your oral health. That is why we offer oral cancer screening as well.

At Four Points Dental, we provide oral cancer screenings in Austin, TX. A dentist from our team will give you the comprehensive examination you need. Why do you need an oral cancer screening?

The Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is something that can affect anyone; however, there are certain risk factors that may increase your chances of developing oral cancer. Some of these include:

  • Tobacco use: Chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes can all increase your risk of oral cancer.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption: Drinking too much alcohol can also contribute to your likelihood of getting oral cancer.
  • Family history of oral cancer: Having a family member who has had oral cancer in the past makes it more likely that you will develop it as well.
  • Spending time in sunlight without protection: Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight can cause lip cancer.

These are just some of the risk factors for oral cancer. For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please reach out to us.

Why You Need an Oral Cancer Screening

We believe that screening our patients for oral cancer is important because it allows us to catch any potential problems early. By doing a comprehensive screening, we can make sure that we don’t miss anything and can begin treatment as soon as possible. This could make a significant difference in your prognosis.

If we discover anything out of the ordinary, we will discuss it with you. That way, you are familiar with every treatment option available to you.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening in Austin, TX?

Oral cancer screenings are typically done via physical exams. To screen for cancer, we will first take a look at your neck for any unusual lumps or bumps. Then, we will examine the inside of your mouth for sores, lumps, white patches, or red marks that could be indicative of cancer.

In some cases, we may recommend additional screening measures. This could involve using an oral cancer screening light or special dye to ensure that no abnormal cells are missed. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about these extra steps in screening for oral cancer. Our top priority is to make sure you are healthy.

Rely on Four Points Dental for Oral Cancer Screening in Austin, TX

Do you want to protect your oral health? Oral cancer screening is an important part of that! Oral cancer screenings are important for catching cancer early. At Four Points Dental in Austin, TX, we use physical exams and the latest techniques to ensure we don’t miss anything. A dentist from our team is ready to work with you – give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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