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Dental anxiety is an extremely common occurrence for many patients. We get countless phone calls from patients who have severe dental anxiety. At Four Points Dental, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and care for our patients. Our team is extremely empathetic to dental phobia. We will take our time with you and explain every procedure step by step to ensure that you understand everything that lies ahead of you during your visit.

With innovations in technology and treatment, dentistry has changed quite a bit over the years. We have a variety of resources at our disposal to make your dental appointment comfortable and uneventful. Nitrous oxide, as well as anti-anxiety medication, or a combo of the two can be utilized for anxiety reduction during treatment.

Do I need somebody to drive me to my appointment if I’m getting Nitrous Oxide?

No, you don’t. The beauty of nitrous oxide is that it has quick onset, but also rapid clearance. Once we have completed the procedure, we will turn the nitrous off and administer oxygen for five minutes. After this you are completely back to normal and ready to go home with no side effects or “medication hangover”.

What other options for sedation do I have?

In addition to Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), we can utilize oral sedation to help you through your appointment. We employ a short acting anti-anxiety medication so that your can comfortably receive whatever dental treatment is needed. This will however require a guardian to your appointment as the medication will remain in your system for several hours and can impair your ability to drive

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