Scaling and root planing is commonly known as a “deep cleaning”.  More than 50% of patients over the age of 30 are diagnosed with some form of gum disease. Gum disease occurs when plaque and calculus (tartar) accumulate on the tooth surfaces and work their way below the gumline. This causes a localized inflammatory response within your gum tissue and surrounding bone. Untreated periodontal disease results in bad breath, bleeding gums, bone loss, tooth mobility and tooth loss. It is very important to be treated for gum disease as soon as possible as it is a progressive condition.

Scaling and root planing aims to remove the plaque and calculus that has worked its way below your gum line. It can typically be treated under topical anesthetic. However, more advanced cases may require a local anesthetic in order to reduce discomfort. Most cases take about 1 hour to complete.