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Denture Instructions

Denture Post-Op and Home Care Instructions

  • Your new denture is not going to replicate your natural teeth. It will take time to adjust to speaking and chewing with your new denture. Be sure to chew only with your back teeth. Begin with softer food and work your way up to chewier food, but also be sure to cut your food into small pieces when eating.
  • If you are wearing complete upper and lower dentures, you cannot bite into food with your front teeth, as the upper denture will dislodge.
  • It is VERY important to take your dentures out every night prior to going to bed. Make sure that you soak your denture in room temperature water overnight, so that the denture does not warp or dry out.
  • You must clean your dentures daily, in order to prevent the accumulation of plaque and food particles.
  • To clean your denture you can use a SOFT bristle toothbrush with warm water and soap. DO NOT use TOOTHPASTE to clean your denture as it is abrasive and will create microscopic scratches in the denture and create an area where plaque and bacteria can accumulate and damage the denture. Avoid using other household detergents or bleach to clean denture.
  • You can also use Polident (denture cleaner) as an adjunct to the aforementioned instructions. Polident can be purchased at any drug store (CVS, Walgreens, etc.)
  • It is expected that you will have soreness/sore spots when adapting to your new denture. Be sure to call us ASAP for adjustments if sore spots present. If you notice a sore spot developing, remove the denture until adjustments can be made and begin rinsing with warm salt water.

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