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Cavity Culprits: Identifying Foods That Hurt Your Teeth

A woman enjoying a donut, with the words cavity cuprits pointing out foods that harm teeth.

Navigating nutrition’s complex landscape can sometimes feel akin to traversing a minefield, filled with unexpected dangers hiding beneath seemingly harmless choices. We all comprehend that a diet high in sugars and acids can result in cavities and gum disease, but are you conscious of the other, less conspicuous offenders potentially harming your dental health? For […]

The Role of Night Guards in Preventing Dental Issues

Protective night guards for teeth at Four Points Dental, Austin, TX

Are you aware that 30% of individuals clench their teeth during sleep? We’re set to explore the realm of night guards – a straightforward solution for this widespread problem. Our exploration will cover how these devices protect against dental deterioration, who might benefit from utilizing them, and the correct way to upkeep them. We aim […]

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