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Dr. Evan John

Dr. Evan John grew up in Norman, Oklahoma and lived there for 17 years before becoming a Texas resident. He attended the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate degree, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He then went on to earn a Master of Health Administration from the OU College of Public Health and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the OU College of Dentistry. After dental school, Dr. John wanted to advance his multidisciplinary dental knowledge and clinical skills. To do so, he attended a 12-month residency program at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, earning a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD). Dr. John is looking forward to serving his community and providing quality Austin dental care at Four Points Dental.

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Our Philosophy

At Four Points Dental, we believe in compassionate patient-centered dental care. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with our patients. We are able to provide an inviting atmosphere at our west Austin dental office by focusing on a few key aspects of quality dental care.

Collaborative Dental Team

We know how difficult it can be for patients to visit the dentist. Therefore, we place high importance on making your visit as stress-free as possible. We have an excellent team in place to ensure that you are comfortable at your appointment.
We value our patients and see you as part of our dental family. So our friendly team is there for you with every step of your dental process. We welcome any questions you may have regarding treatment. Certainly, we want you to leave your dental visit satisfied and well-informed.
But our focus on your comfort extends well beyond the short time that you spend with us in the dental office. As your dental partner, we strive to support and maintain your long-term oral health. Accordingly, this involves understanding your full health history and gaining a sense of any lifestyle components that might impact your dental well-being.
Part of that well-being is heavily influenced by how happy you are with your smile and any desires you may have regarding your oral health. With this in mind and with open communication, we are able to gain an understanding of your needs as a dental patient. We use this insight to create a successful dental treatment plan with personalized attention and care.
Our dentist and team want to work with you to achieve true dental happiness and restore your confidence in your smile.

Focus on Quality in Dental Care

Another major aspect of the philosophy at Four Points Dental involves a focus on quality in the dental care services that we provide. This strongly correlates with our mission to retain life-long patients.
We understand that to gain your trust, we must deliver reliable services. Quality dental care at our Austin dental office is supported by the following:


Our Austin dentist possesses a great deal of experience in a large variety of patient cases. Hence, we can pull from our in-depth familiarity with dentistry to accurately predict problem areas and plan accordingly.
Based on this experience, we implement a quality dental plan for each of our patients. Firstly, we begin with establishing a healthy oral foundation by addressing any immediate dental needs. From there, we can focus on preventative and restorative dental options to yield positive results.
At the same time, this past experience also affords our dentists an accurate sense of treatment limitations. Out of respect for our patients, we aim to honestly communicate any concerns we have. Moreover, you can be sure that your Four Points Dental dentist in Austin will be upfront with you in your treatment approach options.
Additionally, our dental team realizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of your natural teeth. Be assured that our dentists weigh this consideration when proposing your dental treatment plan. Above all, our goal is to preserve and maintain your longstanding dental health.


The field of dentistry is constantly evolving. To ensure that your dental treatment employs modern concepts, our dentists are up-to-date with continuing education.
Part of this extended training includes the use of advanced technology. This results in expanded dental services available to our patients.

State-of-the-art imaging may be used to accurately diagnose your oral health. At Four Points Dental, we are pleased to offer 3D imaging and digital smile scans.
Our doctors use an innovative iTero digital scanner to very quickly generate an accurate image of your teeth. This high-definition color imaging is invaluable when it comes to effectively diagnosing and monitoring various dental conditions. This includes malocclusion (traumatic bite), tooth wear, gum recession and more.
We also use CBCT (Cone-beam Computed Tomography) to help diagnose dental issues. A dental CBCT is a 3D image of your jaw and teeth. This 3D imaging provides us with much more critical information regarding your oral health. As a result of this cutting-edge technology, we can better diagnose tooth fractures, bone loss, infections and oral cancer that may not be seen on a traditional x-ray.

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